Academic Communities Administration/Staff



Photo:  Lau

Eric Lau

Honors & University College

Dean - Honors College/UC College; Chairperson - Music

Photo:  Yu

Kristina Yu

University College, Transition Communities

Associate Dean/Associate Professor - UC Administration - So, You Want to Work in Design?

Photo:  McKinnell

James McKinnell

University College - First Year Learning Communities

Director of the Office of Pre-Health Professions Student Development - So, You Want to Work in Healthcare?

Photo:  Weiss

David Weiss

University College & Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies

Director Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies - UC Administration; Associate Professor - Dept Communication Journalism

Photo:  Davis-Secord

Jon Davis-Secord

University College

Interim Associate Dean for Faculty and Staff Development

Photo:  Clifton

Cash Clifton

Academic Foundations, Transition Communities

Director Academic Communities - Foundational Math & Critical Text Analysis


Photo:  Tafoya

Maria Bernadette Tafoya

University College

Operations Manager/Accountant - UC Administration

Photo:  Elvidge

Colleen Elvidge

Academic Communities

Education Support Coordinator

Photo:  John

Melissa John

University College

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