Foundational Math


About Foundational Math

Foundational Math is designed to help students develop foundational skills related to mathematics, problem-solving, and self-directed learning. The class, taught by instructors from a range of backgrounds, sets students up for success at UNM in more advanced STEM classes.

Students explore foundational topics such as fractions and linear equations; more advanced topics, like quadratic equations, set theory, and intermediate word problems; and college success skills.

The course’s success is proven. Students who take Foundational Math are more likely to graduate from UNM than students who do not, regardless of their background and skill levels entering the course.


Who Takes Foundational Math?

If you’re not typically a fan of math, or have even been dreading it, Foundational Math is absolutely the right class for you. Foundational Math explores mindset and the habits of mind that support success in math, college, and life, building your perseverance, and perhaps even interest, in math and quantitative subjects. Foundational Math faculty are patient, and focus on developing multiple ways of explaining difficult material so that students from a wide range of backgrounds, proficiencies, and feelings about math can succeed in the course and in college.

Foundational Math placement is determined by your test scores, such as Accuplacer or LCP. However, this class is a good fit for anyone new to University of New Mexico who wants to brush up on their math skills and start college on the right foot.

If you are placed in Foundational Math, but think it isn’t the right fit for you, students can take the Lobo Course Placement (LCP) prior to beginning Foundational Math and attempt to place out. For more information, visit

If you have questions about Foundational Math, please reach out to Cash Clifton, Director of Academic Communities.