Foundational Math Compatible Courses

Foundational Math Compatible Courses
Based on your ACT, SAT, or other placement scores (s), you have been placed into Foundational Math, which is a math refresher that also teaches self-directed study skills needed to succeed in college-level math.  You must take this class your first semester unless you have transfer credit or other placement scores that satisfy this requirement. Remember to be kind to your future self – the important thing is to start in the math class you’re ready for. You have the option to take the Math Lobo Course Placement ( if you feel like you’re ready for a more advanced math class. Please speak with your adviser for more information or visit:
Based on your placement you may only take courses from the following list:
Check your English placement for applicable classes
COMM 1130: Public Speaking
PHIL 1120: Logic, Reasoning & Critical Thinking
Mathematics and Statistics:
Physical and Natural Sciences:
Social and Behavioral Sciences:
Any from the general education course list but not:
ECON 2110: Macroeconomic Principles
ECON 2120 Microeconomic Principles
Any on the general education course list
Second Language:
All second language courses
Arts and Design:
Any on the general education course list
Elective Courses (possibly required by some majors):
EMS 120: Introduction to EMS System
ARCH 1125: Design Fundamentals
ARCH 1115:  Introduction to Architectural Graphics
HLED 1220: Personal Health Management
HLED 1112: Standard First Aid and CPR
FYEX110: Introduction to UNM & Higher Education
Any PHED course: (PE – Non-Professional)
This list will be updated as additional compatible classes are identified. If you'd like to suggest a compatible course, please email Cash Clifton at or Marlene Sanchez at
Suggestions will be forwarded to the FM and CTA compatible course committee.