Welcome to the Academic Communities Program!

Intro to Academic Communities Video - Presented at New Student Orientation 2020

Your first year at UNM is designed to help you discover who you are meant to be.

Courses in the Academic Communities Program serve as your academic gateway to UNM and provide the tools you need to succeed in higher education.   Your very first semester you get to take classes in your degree, learn the skills employers want you to learn in college, meet new friends, get a great academic start to UNM, and have a fun time!  

UNM offers several opportunities for students to engage in their education. Academic Communities are classes dedicated to helping students develop:

  • Academic and social community
  • A sense of engagement in their education
  • The skills necessary for academic success
  • An understanding of the culture of higher education
  • Close relationships with University faculty and staff
  • Critical and creative thinking skills

There are no special requirements for freshmen to participate in the Academic Communities Program. First-year students elect to participate by registering for the classes on a space-available basis at their Orientation. 

There is an Academic Community for everyone! Browse 2020 Academic Community Course Offerings by navigating the Programs tab above!