Critical Text Analysis


About Critical Text Analysis

Critical Text Analysis is designed to help students build skills related to reading, critical thinking, and self-directed learning. By the end of Critical Text Analysis, students will have the literacy and academic skills necessary for success at UNM.

The course’s success is proven; students who take Critical Text Analysis are more likely to graduate from UNM than students who do not, regardless of their background and skill levels entering the course.

In Critical Text Analysis, students build foundational literacy skills, couched in topics like grammar, critically reading different genres, and conducting research. The skills expand into exploration of more advanced topics like active reading strategies, literary and rhetorical analysis, detecting bias, interpreting bias, and critical thinking.

As it builds students’ critical reading abilities, the course also readies students to thrive in college through lessons on goal setting, growth mindset, grit, self-efficacy, time management, and other critical areas for college readiness.


Who Takes Critical Text Analysis?

Some students take Critical Text Analysis due to placement determined by test scores, such as Accuplacer or LCP. Other students opt to take the class to brush up on their critical reading skills, to build their research and analysis abilities, or to establish the mindsets, practices, and long-term trajectory they need to thrive in college. Ultimately, this class is a good fit for students new to the University of New Mexico who want to expand their literacy, stretch their analytical mind, and start college on the right foot.

Students who are placed in Critical Text Analysis and find it may not be the best option for them can take the Lobo Course Placement (LCP) test prior to beginning Critical Text Analysis and attempt to place out.

If you have questions about Critical Text Analysis, please reach out to Cash Clifton, Director of Academic Communities, or Kenneth Oravetz, Coordinator of Critical Text Analysis.