Sarah  Nezzer

Department: Academic Foundations

Critical Text Analysis

Sarah was born in Pennsylvania. After a sojourn across the US that included New Mexico, she returned to Albuquerque to attend UNM. She began as a student employee with the DARS Transfer Team. After graduation, she remained at UNM, becoming an advisor at the University College Advisement Center. When the Office of Advising Strategies was created, Sarah was hired to manage the LoboAchieve Advising platform. She now continues to oversee LoboAchieve’s database management, performs data research and triage, and works with the Director of Advising Strategies on researching and conducting assessments in the UNM advisement community. Sarah is a First-Generation student who received her bachelor's in History and Religious Studies. After exploring many graduate programs, she completed her Masters in Public Administration. In her free time, she enjoys reading a little of everything, gaming, and researching trends in science, education, politics, and history.
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Phone: 505 277-2301