Academic Placement Testing


Placement Testing at UNM

In the Fall 2022 semester and beyond, placement into many of your courses will be based on information obtained from the Lobo Course Placement app. After registering for New Student Orientation, students are prompted to use the LCP app by being emailed from The app is also accessible via the following link: Please log in to the LCP app with your UNM NetID. (NetID = UNM email without the “”)

Lobo Course Placement (LCP) App

The LCP app serves as a testing directory for students entering UNM. The app will recommend individualized next steps for each student dependent on the testing information entered in the app. Students answer questions in the self-guided app regarding:

  • ACT or SAT scores
  • AP or IB scores
  • Transfer Coursework

After your testing information is entered, the tool may direct you to send your official transcripts or official scores to UNM. If scores are not available, the app may direct you to specific placement evaluations or tools developed by various UNM departments. The LCP app is not an exam, but instead a directory as it provides results that point students to appropriate tools.

Lobo Course Placement (LCP) Tools

There are several subject-specific placement tools developed by various UNM departments to help students find the appropriate courses for their first year at UNM. The evaluations are not exams. Students cannot “pass” or “fail” these evaluations, rather students use these evaluations to place into a level which appropriately suits their current skill set. All LCP tools are non-proctored evaluations that may be taken online anywhere. Students are limited to taking a subject placement tool twice and only two (2) scores will be recorded in the UNM system. The second attempt is designed to correct technical errors or bad testing environment in first attempt. LCP tools are available for the following subjects:

  • English
  • Math (Please note that the 2nd attempt for Math requires using a different link. Contact your advisor for the link.)
  • Reading
  • Chemistry (Completion of placement tool is required for all STEM Majors)
  • Second Language Evaluations (Refer to the department sites for information. Students, please save and print your results and present them on the first day of class):
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish

Students may be eligible for placement into another level if the LCP tools or another placement exam such as Aciculae recommended it.

For more information on the LCP app and tools, please contact your academic advisor.


If you are not content with your English, Math and Reading placements, you can challenge them by taking a placement exam (ACCUPLACER Exam) at the UNM Testing Center. You may take the placement exam if:

  • Your ACT or SAT scores place you into one or more Academic Foundations classes such as
    • FYEX 1010 Foundational Math
    • FYEX 1030 Critical Text Analysis
  • You wish to test out of ENGL 1110X and into ENGL 1110

When should I take an ACCUPLACER Exam?

We highly encourage students to take the ACCUPLACER Exam before orientation, so that academic advisors have the best information available to assist you during advisement. You will not have time to take an ACCUPLACER Exam during orientation. 

What do I need to know in order to take the ACCUPLACER Exam?

The UNM Testing Center administers all ACCUPLACER Placement Exams.  For more information,  call or visit:
Location: Casas Del Rio - 420 Redondo East Building #2 (West Entrance).
Phone: 505-277-5346
A photo ID is required to take placement exams

How can I prepare for the Aciculae Exam?

  1. Visit NMDELT's EdReadyWebpage.
    2. Click Get Started to create an account, and follow the instructions.
    3. View the Student Quickstart Guide.
    4. Log-in and enter a Goal Key:
        A. Math: nmdelt_254
        B. Reading & Writing: nmdelt_255
    5. Take the Initial Diagnostic Test to determine what you already know and what you need to work on.
    6. Begin working on your Learning Path. The higher you can get your score, the better prepared you will be for the Aciculae Exam.

Email Cash Clifton, Academic Foundations Coordinator at with questions or concerns.

Important Note

The highest score amongst all exams taken (ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER, LCP Tools) will be used for placement. View the course placement table here.

The Testing Center does not administer Foreign Language Placement Exams.

Foreign Languages

Students must also take a foreign language placement exam to enroll in Spanish, French, or German courses. Click here for information about foreign language placement exams. French placement exams can be taken online. Students do not need to visit the Language Learning Center to take the exam but can use their computer lab if needed.