Gaby Hernandez Ph.D.

Department: Spanish and Portuguese

Hi! I am Dr. Gaby Hernández, and I will teach the FLC´s course SPAN 1120 with a Medical Spanish topic on Fall 2021. I graduated from University of New Mexico, where I completed a Ph.D. in Spanish. Prior to joining the faculty at Department of Spanish and Portuguese, I was visiting instructor at Emory University (2017-2019). My primary scholarly focus is on textual representations of women in Mexican cultural memory. I specifically study how magical/religious women have been represented in Mexican discourses that construct cultural identities in Mexico. I am also the Second Language Program´s Assistant Coordinator. As part of the work from this position,  I teach and develop new materials for language classes and I love it!  

This Fall 2021 will be the first time I teach a Freshman Learning Community. My class is going to relate to the material in FLC 618, “So, You Want to Work in Healthcare”. I believe that Spanish language and culture are important knowledges that healthcare workers will benefit to know. It is the reason I am committed to transmitting my knowledge of Spanish language and Hispanic culture to my students in beginning Spanish classes. My course is designed with a communicative-based methodology (task-based oriented) and engages students in the practice of the four language skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking) using medical-related vocabulary for beginning-level Spanish proficiency.