Gabino Noriega

Department: Chicana/Chicano Studies

Gabino Noriega is an Albuquerque native and PhD Candidate in the UNM College of Education Department of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership, and Policy. Gabino has a passion to support the unique needs of students of color in education. His focus of study is on educational opportunities for students of color, socioeconomic desegregation, student voice, Curanderismo, Ethnic Studies, Chicanx/Latinx Art and Music, and Chicano Indigeneity. In addition to his doctoral studies, Noriega is also a member of the Leadership Team, Community Engagement Liaison, and head of the Ethnic Studies department at Albuquerque’s premier Magnet school the Career Enrichment Center. He is also a lifelong artist and musician, who has been able to share his art both domestically and internationally. Gabino is a family man focused on connecting his family to the Earth and traditions of our ancestors.