Billy Brown

Department: Mathematics & Statistics

Billy Brown’s mathematics degrees come from Alma College (BS) and Dartmouth College (MS, PhD). He has taught mathematics and statistics for more than 30 years at University of the Pacific, three NM high schools and UNM.  He has a private mathematics and statistics tutoring business and a baking-catering business, Cuisine del Corazón -- he often brings cookies to class!  Billy also sings tenor with the local men’s chorus De Profundis, which will restart rehearsing and performing in August 2021, after a pandemic hiatus.  After hating poetry for thirty-five years he began writing poems in 1996 and now LOVES it!  He organizes a monthly poetry reading, Fixed and Free, which begins its fourteenth year in August.  He edits and publishes poetry anthologies and often writes poems while listening to classical music.  Billy has a long-time passion for the (very geometric) tessellation art of the Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher.  Billy’s life purpose is Joy, and he intends to bring the Joy of statistics to students in this course as we explore the statistics of American politics.  Billy celebrated his 77th birthday in May 2021 … you may think of him as another grandfather!  His two granddaughters, Nevada (5) and Dusty Rainbow (1) live in LA with his son Alex and DIL Lake.  This will be the third time for Billy to teach Statistics in conjunction with American Politics in the First Year Learning Community Program.  Welcome to Statistics!