Dawn Adkins

Department: Academic Foundations

Dawn is a first-generation college grad who majored in physics in undergrad and went on to earn Master’s degrees in Health Physics and in Information Sciences.  New Mexico has been her home for about three years and she is thrilled to be here after decades in the southeast US. In addition to teaching in many different situations, including one semester of Critical Text Analysis at UNM, and high school equivalency prep for adults in Albuquerque, she has several years of experience in environmental radiochemistry labs and in university librarianship.  She is looking forward to fueling a passion for discovery in her Foundational Math students as they shore up a solid knowledge and command of math skills for their further collegiate studies.  Dawn is a lifelong learner and finds joy in sharing the journey with students as they pursue the academic knowledge and skills preparing them for a full, productive, and ultimately, satisfying life.