Breanna Griego-Schmitt

Department: Critical Text Analysis

Breanna Griego-Schmitt earned a PhD in Early Modern European History in 2015. She has taught at UNM for over 10 years with several departments: History, English Language and Literature, American Indian Student Services Summer Bridge Program, and Academic Foundations (Critical Text Analysis and First-Year Learning Communities). Her research has taken her to archives and universities in Amsterdam, Paris, Leiden, Brussels, Edinburgh, Bruges, St. Andrews, Boston, Chicago, Antwerp, the Library of Congress (Junior Fellow), and beyond!  

Dr. Griego-Schmitt's research specialties include monster theory, constitutionalism in the early modern world, ceremonial rites of violence, reading and writing society, the prison industrial complex, institutional racism, sovereign authority, contemporary violence and true crime, propaganda, and emblematic representations of warfare, torture, and religion.   

She is engaged in curriculum design and implementation and helped launch several pilot programs at UNM including the Stretch and Studio Program with English Language and Literature and the 3-credit hour English component for the American Indian Summer Bridge Program. Dr. Griego-Schmitt's focus is on implementing best practices in terms of engaging curriculum, creating connections between assignments and our current world, expanding source materials to include diverse voices and representations of experiences across the spectrum of our world.