Academic Communities Proposal Process

Fall 2022 Academic Communities Proposals

Proposals are not being accepted at this time. Check back soon for proposal forms. 

Academic Communities courses open doors and provide opportunity for students, helping them to discover and become connected to the University of New Mexico in their first semester. University College encourages faculty and staff across campus to participate in the Academic Communities Program. To learn about the different courses available via the Academic Communities Program, please see course information provided under the Programs tab. 

It is recommended that faculty and staff who wish to participate in the Academic Communities Program seek prior approval and guidance from their supervisor, Chair, or Dean to submit a proposal. Graduate students are welcome to work alongside faculty in proposing course offerings and should discuss such opportunities with both Academic Communities Program staff and their home department prior to engaging in the proposal process.

Proposals are not being accepted at this time. Beginning Fall 2021, all proposals will need to be completed using the electronic Adobe sign forms below. All instructors that submit proposals must first receive approval signatures from their home departments or program chairs prior to the deadline. Academic Community Proposals for the Fall 2022 semester will be accepted on October 11th, 2021 through November 28th, 2021.  

Proposals will be reviewed and selected via the First-Year Selection Committee in the month of December. Selected participants will be notified of the decision in early January.

The First-Year Selection Committee considers several factors when selecting Academic Communities offerings – including, but not limited to:

  • Does the proposed course code(s) fulfill a General Education Requirement?
  • Does the proposed course code(s) have pre-requisites?
  • Does the proposed course(s) accelerate the degree path?
  • What is the historical first-year student interest in the proposed course code(s) or topic area?
  • Is there a clear link between content areas? (FLC ONLY)

The First-Year Selection Committee consists of Academic Communities Program staff and campus partners whom have high-contact with first-year students. This includes but is not limited to, Associate Deans of various colleges, directors of advisement, and program liaisons.

First-Year Selection Committee Members

Kiana Alvarez
Admin III, Academic Communities

Cash Clifton
Lecturer, University College

Eric Lau
Dean, University College

Stephanie Hands
Director, Arts & Sciences Advisement

Marlene Hernandez-Sanchez
Director, Exploratory & Pre-Professional Advisement Center

Lisa Montoya
Program Specialist, Academic Communities

Laura Valdez
Director, Advising Strategies

Academic Communities Program staff are happy to discuss and provide feedback on future opportunities with faculty and staff interested in teaching first-year students. Please contact Lisa Montoya, Program Specialist at with questions regarding the proposal process.