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Examples of Learning Communities

Linked or Paired Courses

  • Students co-register in paired classes.
  • Faculty work to coordinate syllabi and assignments but teach their classes separately
  • Often skill courses and content courses are linked together
  • A cohort of students enroll in all classes
  • Faculty coordinate syllabi and assignments
  • Often includes an integrative seminar


traditional flc


  • Culture, Conflict, & Community: Anthropology and Peace Studies
  • Dancing Through Time - From the Cave to Krump: Dance and English Composition
  • Framing the World: Media Arts and English Composition
  • Shark Tank Talk: Management and Public Speaking
  • The Trail of Time - New Mexico Geology: Geology and Public Speaking
  • The 21st Century Physician: Freshman Seminar and English Composition
  • What's Up with People?: Psychology and Public Speaking



  • African Folk Tales & Proverbs: Composition/Africana Studies and English and Public Speaking

big little flc configuration


  • Debating Civilization: History and Public Speaking
  • Intimate Encounters with the Past: Spanish and History of Early Latin America
  • Words, Music, & Creativity: Music Ensemble and English Literature

big multilittle flc


  • Music & Spoken Words in Politics: Chicano/a Studies and Introductory Studies Reading, Accelerated English Composition, Composition III, and Public Speaking
  •  Philosophy of the Mind and the Meaning of Life: Philosophy and Critical Thinking and Reasoning

These are some configurations, but do not exhaust the possible forms of linking classes.

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