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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are Frequently asked Questions about Academic Communities.  Please see the Courses tab for course information.

What is a First-Year Learning Community (FLC)?

FLCs are two classes that are taught together. 

  • One of the classes is a Seminar (a small class with a theme)
  • The Seminar is linked with a course that’s part of UNM Core
  • These classes are taught using cooperative and collaborative learning methods that engage you as an active, involved learner, with a minimum of “lecture”
  • The discussions, readings, problems, papers and presentations of the Seminar and the linked course are integrated and unified
  • Each class holds up to 25 students
Why should I join a First-Year Learning Community?

Join an FLC if:

  • You find a “theme” that interests you
  • You want to make friends and get to know your instructors
  • You want to participate actively in your learning
  • You want more individual attention from your instructors
  • You want to more quickly develop your college learning, research, and thinking skills

These courses have been evaluated and are found to positively impact your critical thinking, integrative learning, and teamwork abilities.  They have also been studied and by the end fo the first year students who take these courses have higher GPAs.  By the third and fifth semester, they are significantly more likely to still be students at UNM.  

These courses are also in line with Dr. George Kuh's High Impact Practices for freshman students.  For more information on Implications of High Impact Practices, review Dr. Kuh's presentation, Quality Assurance Implications of High-Impact Practices and Related Improvement Efforts, February 28, 2013.

Will I get academic credit for an FLC?

Yes! All FLCs earn at least 6 credit hours. Check with your Academic Advisor to determine which FLC courses earn credit towards University Core Curriculum requirements, or may serve as free electives in your academic program.

How do I join a Learning Community?

Preview the themes and identify those you like.  Your Academic Advisor will assist you. Registration for LCs is on a first-come basis. Students must register for both classes in an LC. When you register, you must enter the CRNs for BOTH classes in the same session. LC classes do not permit wait lists for enrollment.

Am I required to be in a Learning Community?

Although it is not required, students in Learning Communities at UNM have higher GPAs, better retention, complete more college credits by their fifth semester, and many get a chance to interact with faculty in their field of study.

How many courses will I take in the Learning Community?

You will take two courses in the LC with a group of 24  students. There will be no other students in your LC classes. Each LC is unique and developed by the instructors. Not all LC classes are offered every semester.

What if I have AP/IB/Dual Enrollment credit for one of the LC classes?
We recommend you find a different course.  The program is designed so that almost every theme area is offered for students who are at different levels of course requirements.
What if I change my major?
All classes you take with your learning community are core classes or contribute to your free electives so you’ll need them regardless of your major so it’s not a problem.
Can I enroll in an FLC if I am in the Honors College?
You can, but remember, your Honors Legacy courses will get you a fantastic High Impact Course.
Whom do I contact for more information?

Lisa Hahn, Program Facilitator

Phone:  505-277-2808