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Big Questions

Student asking Big Questions"Why" "Why" Why"

Here is a big question: Were the "Big Questions" you asked naturally as a child answered in a way that felt arcane and irrelevant?  Is it because no one every put your question or their answer into context?  These questions cross disciplinary and curricular boundaries and University College offers a time and space to work through ideas.  You will get a chance to contribute to the search for and creation of answers to your questions.

Consider taking an innovative three credit course that asks and answers the Big Questions of our day and age.

Big Question courses offer first-year students an opportunity to explore the breadth and depth of unique topic areas.  They are taught by UNM faculty who specialize in cutting edge topic areas.  These courses give students an opportunity to engage in inquiry and analysis and work their freshman year to answer the world’s biggest questions.  There are no special requirements for freshman to take Big Question courses and all count towards UNM graduation.

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