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Big Questions

Young female UNM student"Why" "Why" Why"

Here is a big question: Were the "Big Questions" you asked naturally as a child answered in a way that felt arcane and irrelevant?  Is it because no one every put your question or their answer into context?  These questions cross disciplinary and curricular boundaries and University College offers a time and space to work through ideas.  You will get a chance to contribute to the search for and creation of answers to your questions.

Consider taking an innovative three credit course that asks and answers the Big Questions of our day and age.

LAIS 150 How Do You Know What You Know

Universities are places that exist in order to grow & develop human knowledge. Within the university, however, there are many different ways of thinking about what it means to know something. The tools that, for example, a poet, political scientist, and physicist bring to bear on acquiring knowledge are greatly different. In this course, we’ll tkae a close look at different ways of knowing. Guest speakers from across UNM will guide us through the different ways of seeking knowledge that are represented within the university. Along the way, we’ll hope to learn something about knowledge itself, and our relationship to it.

AFST 109 Race in the Digital Age

The digital realm is comprised of storied sites of commerce, employment, education, therapy, community, ideas, political expression, and crime. We will explore how technologies are linked to society, culture, and identity in complex and important ways. This course will investigate the relevance of race, gender, class, identity, and the “cultural capital” that one can spend in our Digital Age economy. This course will help you develop the four c’s of 21st century learning: collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication. We will visit with tech startup firms and discover how they are incorporate cultural realities in the development of their product. This will be a hands-on course created in real time by you, the student. Activities will include video production, fi eld trips, gaming, and participating in StartUp Weekends, Tech FiestaABQ, and Global Entrepreneurship Week.

UNIV 102 Management of Disasters

We will introduce students to the professional fi eld of Emergency Management and examine how communities plan for natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and acts of terrorism and mass violence. Students will learn how to assess the risks that are tied to human geography and where we live. The UNM campus will serve as the real-life community for this course and students will work closely with the UNM Emergency Manager to evaluate and manage campus risks. Upon completion of the course, students will be eligible to become members of the Campus Community Emergency Response Team. Assignments will include written evaluation of campus risks and creation of potential solutions, the use of GPS and GIS technologies to visualize and map risks and vulnerabilities, and team projects.

MGMT 190 Social Media Marketing

In this Big Question course, you will examine the current media landscape and strategic opportunities and challenges that it affords marketers who are concerned with how to effi ciently and effectively promote brands to existing and potential customers. Our primary focus of this course will be on understanding alternative social media platforms, how to build social media marketing strategies, and how to track their effectiveness. You will have the opportunity to explore both theory and practice of these topics through written assignments, “real world” applications, a course project and fi eld trips to local businesses. This course will also provide you with an introduction to library research and will introduce important professional skills necessary for a successful university experience as well as entry into the job market.ence as well as entry into the job market.

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