Frequently Asked Questions

The following are Frequently asked Questions about Academic Communities.  Please see the Courses tab for course information.

Why should I join an Academic Community?

Join an Academic Community if: 

  • You find a theme that interests you
  • You want to make friends and get to know your instructors
  • You want to participate actively in your learning
  • You want more individual attention from your instructors
  • You want to more quickly develop your college learning, research, and thinking skills

These courses have been evaluated and are found to positively impact your critical thinking, integrative learning, and teamwork abilities. 

Will I get academic credit for taking an Academic Community?

Yes! All Academic Communities earn credits that will count towards graduation. Check with your Academic Advisor to determine which FLC courses earn credit towards UNM's general education requirements, major requirements, or serve as free electives in your academic program.

How do I join an Academic Community?

Registration for Academic Communities is on a first-come basis. First, preview the course themes and identify those you like. Since our specialty courses have limited space and availability, it is recommended that you enroll in an Academic Community first, then build the rest of your schedule around it. Your Academic Advisor will assist you. Students registering for an FLC must be sure to register for BOTH the seminar and core course within the same section number. 

Am I required to enroll in a Academic Community?

No. Although enrollment in an Academic Community is not required, students who do enroll tend to have higher GPAs, complete more college credits by their fifth semester, and are generally less likely to drop out. Additionally, many students in the Academic Communities program get a chance to interact and form connections with faculty in their field of study.

What if I have AP/IB/Dual Enrollment credit for one of the Academic Community classes?
Although we would love to keep you, we recommend that you find a different Academic Community course to enroll in.  Our program is designed to cater to variety of student interests, fields, and levels. 
What if I change, or haven't decided my major?
Most classes you take with your Academic Community will count toward general education requirements or free electives regardless of your major. We recommend that you speak with an advisor if you have additional questions or concerns. 
Whom do I contact for more information?

Lisa Montoya, Program Specialist

Phone:  505-277-2808