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FLC Testimonials

infographic about FLCs

  • The FLCs are a fun way to knock out core classes.

  • The FLCs are a good way to get to know some people on campus and an even better way to tackle 2 courses at once. Since the courses are linked, they usually work together. It is very beneficial.

  • With the involvement of the professors, it is much easier to flourish in this sort of academic environment.

  • The FLCs will let freshman students understand the difference between high school and college. It will allow them to know what to do or where to go when they are struggling.

  • I think I became more of a people person in my FLC because the people I met and the friends that I made made it easier to get along. It made me realize that there are more fun opportunities when I open myself up to the people around me.

  • I learned how to communicate better with students without offending them, and I followed through with  more civil ideas. Cooperation is a skill that is very important in college as well and I learned how to keep shared goals for my own benefit. 

  • “I would recommend an FLC class to anyone really interested in the profession the class explores. The class is taught by someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in a particular profession.”

  • “The classes are an easy way to meet new people who share more than one class with you;. In my opinion, this was my favorite part of an FLC class because it was easier collaborating and expressing personal beliefs with someone you were comfortable with.”

  • “Originally I would not have recommended the class to others because I found myself not enjoying the class at all but after the semester was over I realized that I did not like the class because I was being challenged with ideas that I was opposed to or did not agree with. By the end of the semester I realized that I had become more open-minded and was able to empathize and understand other people better. I feel like I grew as a person and that is why I would recommend an FLC to others.”

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